Security of Supply Update

In the Czech Republic, the gas supply situation is currently stable and gas storage levels are increasing on a daily basis (approx. 53% as of today). This means the reliability of gas supplies to our more than 2.3 million customers is ensured for the time being. 


We continue to monitor the situation and we remain in close contact with other gas infrastructure operators in the Czech Republic and other European countries. We also continue in implementation of our future of gas strategy aiming to support European energy transition to carbon neutral and more diversified supply, where hydrogen and other low carbon gases such as biomethane will play crucial role.  

The conflict in Ukraine has not had any material impact on our company's financial performance or operations. CGNI’s financial position was further strengthened by our shareholders' decision to temporarily suspend dividend payments and interest on shareholder loans. We currently have available funds of ca. CZK 4.1 billion (ca. CZK 1.6 billion as of 31 May 2021) and another CZK 1 billion in the form of undrawn Capex and RC facilities. The earliest maturity of third-party loans is July 2026.