ESG rating

As of November 2023, Czech Gas Networks Investments (CGNI) received an ESG Risk Rating of 14.6 from Sustainalytics and was assessed to be at Low Risk of experiencing material financial impacts from ESG factors. CGNI’s ESG Risk Rating places it 3rd among the Gas Utilities assessed by Sustainalytics.

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Our long-term ESG commitment

We are a socially responsible company with a strong focus on sustainability, environment, and ethical governance.

We strive to digitalise and leverage modern technologies as we believe they enable sustainable business development.

We care deeply about the future that we shape together with our employees and stakeholders.

Our commitment is to help communities and support diversity.

Our ESG strategy is built on four pillars


We embody safety standards and health protection

We never compromise on safety. We go far beyond our legal requirements and lead as an industry role model.

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We believe in sustainability and the future of gas

Our sustainability approach is built upon our shared responsibility for the environment and our dedication to a low carbon future. Our ambition is to become a key player in the decarbonization process of the Czech Republic.

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We care about our people and the communities around us

We believe in diversity. We promote fair & inclusive work environment. Wellbeing of our people and communities around us is at the heart of our business.

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We conduct business in a responsible and considerate way

Code of Conduct, a robust governance model and a strong risk & security management demonstrate that we understand the impact our work has. We subscribe to the UN Global Compact initiative.

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